Friday, January 09, 2009

Makers of Memories

A favorite and dear aunt passed away recently, preceded by a son and her husband. Her remaining three sons selected a lovely poem for the pamphlet at the funeral home. I thought it said a lot about what kind of mom she was they they chose it.

Thanks to my cousin Diana, I have great family photos!
So this is for my Uncle Bid and Aunt Edith:

Makers of Memories

Listen mothers -- and fathers too:
Say, has it ever occured to you
that in your homes from day to day,
you are making memories to give away?

You are making memories, good or bad
for the little girl and the little lad.
And the memories they carry
when later they roam
will be the measure of your home.

A lovely memory you make today
may bless them on their future way.
A game, a book you read, a springtime walk;
A smile a reverent prayer, a friendly talk.

And boys and girls, do you know that you
are daily making memories too?
When you are grown and gone away,
there in the home your memories stay.

Mother, father, with time to spare
will recall the days when you were there.
And blessed are the mother and father who
in memory find you good and true.

Mothers, fathers, daughters and sons,
Oh make those memories happy ones;
For in your homes from day to day
some kind of memories you're giving away.

Fannie Richards Davis
Abilene, Kansas


  1. Cheryl,

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing the pictures and poem.


  2. My condolences on your family's loss. We've lost three aunts on both sides of the family in the past 6 months. That leaves one aunt and one cousin on Mother's side of the family. And on Daddy's side, two uncles and one aunt.
    And in Honey's family, all the
    previous generation is gone. That
    makes Honey, the "baby" of his
    family, one of the six family elders.

    Pat Cochran

  3. So sorry for your loss.

    What a beautiful post.