Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hill Country Christmas by Laurie Kingery

Hill Country Christmas by Laurie Kingery
Steeple Hill Love Inspired Historical
Oct 2008
ISBN: 9780373827985

Overnight, Delia Keller went from penniless preacher's granddaughter to rich young heiress. She's determined to use her money to find the security she's always lacked. And building herself a new house by Christmas is her first priority. But handsome Jude Tucker is challenging her plans and her heart….

The former Civil War chaplain hasn't felt peace in a very long time, and he has a hard time letting go of his past. But as Jude gets to know the spirited Delia, he longs to show her what true Christmas joy means. In the rugged Texas Hill Country, he'll reach for a miracle to restore his faith…and give Delia his love for all seasons.



  1. Cheryl, Google Alerts just now alerted me that this review was up (you posted it 12/17). Thank you! And I hope you've had a wonderful, blessed Christmas.
    Laurie Kingery, speeding towards her 1/15 deadline

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