Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Christmas Tree Tour: Carla Capshaw

You may not have heard this name before, but you will be hearing it again. This tree belongs to my friend, Carla Capshaw, who has sold her first two books.

I always say I have the coolest friends, and I do. I am blessed. Carla's first book will be coming out with Love Inspired Historicals in September 09: Set in ancient Rome, Caros Viriathos is an ex-gladiator who has everything except inner peace. When he buys Christian slave girl, Pelonia, on a whim, he never expects her or her faith to turn his life upside down and win his heart. You'll learn more about her when she guest blogs here and lets us know about her book.

Frankly I'm all agog over the light fixture. Gorgeous!
Thanks for sharing, Carla.

Visit her website:


  1. You know what strikes me about this picture? The valance over the window. I wonder if Carla puts up that valance for Christmas. That would be a great way to easily change up a room for the holidays.

  2. The valance is a great accent!

    I bought about ten yards of Christmas fabric after Christmas one year - only hemmed the ends - and have used it off and on as a swag over the patio doors.

  3. Hi Magdalena,

    No, that valance is there all the time. I'm a Christmas nut so it's possible that I made an unconscious decision to have those colors around me all the time. LOL You're right, though, it would be easy to change the valance for different holidays. Hmmm...now you've got me really thinking. Thanks! :-)

  4. Beautiful room Carla. I also love the valance.

  5. I love the Christmas stuff but I am SO excited about the book! It sounds wonderful. I will add your name to my 'wish list.' Gladiators. Yum.

  6. Hi Carla and Cheryl,

    Love the valance! Love the idea of
    the swag, which if in red, green and
    a deep gold would look great over
    our patio curtains! Thanks for the idea! And the book sounds great, too!

    Pat Cochran