Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Valerie Hansen writes Love Inspired Historicals and has been a guest at Petticoats and Pistols more than once. She had this to say about the photo of the tree she sent:

"When we moved to the country we decided since we had 80 acres of trees, many cedars, we'd cut our own. This is the result. Note the creche at its base. I know many people love the big, lush trees but this one was really special and I remember it fondly."

What a lovely setting and a precious little tree! I would never call this a Charlie Brown tree. Thanks for sharing with us, Val!


  1. So very cute! My grandmother is making creches (hope that's the correct plural) this year.

  2. Cher,
    I hope you have this Tree Tour around until Dec. My hubby has a hard and fast rule that he won't put up our tree until Dec 1st. When it's up, I'll send you a picture for the Tour!! Right now, the house is decorated for Thanksgiving. That's my BIG holiday, since I have the whole family over. My sis does Christmas.

  3. Taryn, take a picture of one of your grandma's masterpieces for us!

    Char, I will keep hosting the tour as long as I keep getting pictures - so definitely send me one!