Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reasons Why I Love CraigsList

Now, mind you, I have never actually BOUGHT anything from Craigslist, but you know what? A whole heck of a lot of people do. And quite a few of them have been buying stuff from me.

I've been cleaning, sorting, purging and making room in my storage room. I am now able to walk to where the Christmas totes and boxes are. A week ago I couldn't even see the Christmas stuff.

Yes, it's true. Cyndy Salzmann will be so proud of me, especially when she sees her name show up in her google alerts and comes to check out what I said about her. Hmmm, I'll have to remember that in the future. Fun way to attract people to my blog. (*lizzie Starr, are you reading your google alerts? Just checking.)

But I digress. Cyndy is a professional organizer and author of books on organization. I'd love to win her for a week -- or a weekend. And she offers good advice on getting rid of things that clutter your life and cause stress.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a collector of just about everything. Well, as of now I am no longer a collector of Disney or Pixar toys or brass candlesticks. I sold a kitchen hutch a few weeks ago, also a wicker loveseat that was simply a place to pile clothes in my bedroom, and tons of other stuff is gone, too - toys, puzzles, games.

So why do I love selling things on Craigslist?

* I don't have to get ready for a garage sale
* I can list as few or as many as I want at a time
* I can change my mind and delete the listing (I've never done it, but it's a possibility)
* No gas usage - people drive to my house and take away their treasures
* People pay me cash for the stuff I don't need
* I can afford guilt-free pedicures
* I can treat my husband to a movie
* I've met really nice people
* I think it drives my neighbors crazy seeing all the cars coming and going
* My storage room is neat and tidy - I can walk in and find things
* My laundry room is cleared out
* I can park my car in the garage

This could get dangerous. "Honey, do you really need that drill? I can sell it!" LOL
But seriously, I'm in love. With Craig, whomever he may be - I have no clue.

See photos of stuff that is no longer cluttering my house and my pedicure I got today.


  1. Jamie is a Craigs list nut. Alex bought his laptop on Craiglist. Obviously all of my kids love it but I haven't tried it myself. I can't believe you're getting rid of your treasures but you sure have a great pedicure!

  2. Cheryl you are so funny, there are ton of things I have found on Craig's list but I still am on ebay a little more because of Mickey Mouse... I really do need to get rid of some stuff I can't have a hard time doing it and then when I do watch out it all goes and I say to myself after it is gone where it all go????
    Nice pedicure by the way.

  3. oh, sure, I watch my google alerts. :)

    and I have you to thank for some of the stuff I didn't really need that comes home with me from time to time. Like Tarzan, who's gonna live on my desk for awhile.

    There are worse things that could be there!

  4. Well, I don't all that much stuff, so I'm more into trading at the moment, although it has been a bit quiet on the the one red paperclip forum (Hint! Hint!). I've had a bit better luck on the Finnish trading forum. However, as I do like to get rid of some of the clutter, too, I mostly like to trade in such a way that I get rid of more than just one item and get only one item in return.

  5. I am terribly proud of you, Cheryl!!! And I love Craig's list too -- for selling. : )

    Hugs, Cyndy -- who only checks her Google alerts every once in awhile...