Wednesday, September 03, 2008

I'm Dishin' with Ginger Today

Come on over and chat at Ginger Simpson's place today!


  1. What a great group of ladies over on Ginger's blog. It was a nice treat on a sunny Wednesday morning.

  2. Cheryl I had to go to Gingers page and read about you, what a neat new page to read. You have shown us so many people it is so hard to keep with with all of them. As I was reading about you I have to say there is nothing ordinary about you, you are one special person, friend, mentor there are so many special things I could say about you. I am so glad I meet you in the little book store years ago.

  3. Brenda, thanks for going over to read the blog at Ginger's. Thank you for all the kind words, sweetie! I am so glad we met too. You are such a faithful reader and a dear friend, and I count you among my blessings.