Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lions and Tigers and...Flying Monkies?


I wish I had read my 4 Photoshop books. That's so on my to do list. Because this picture doesn't do the genuine color of my flying monkey justice. I'm laughing my head off because it's such a hoot. You know I obsessively collect all the McDonald's Madame Alexander dolls, and they've done The Wizard of Oz yet again. I know, twice is weird, huh, when they could have done Grease (wouldn't that be the coolest?) or High School Musical or, well, just about anything. And yes, they are different than the last set.

Die-hard readers of my blog will remember my Glinda panic, when I couldn't find a Glinda. But alas, I did and all was well in the kingdom of Cheryl's silly collections.

So anyway, we're up to 5 of these babies right now. I'll post them all later. But for now, I just want you to see my flying money. You know, I might need more than one -- what kind of a WoO scene could I have without a whole--um--flock of flying monkeys? It's called Winged Monkey on the package. So if anyone gets a flying monkey and doesn't want theirs, send it on to me, will ya? I'll give him (or her) a good home.

He is on top of my monitor because he makes me smile. But picture him darker blue. SInce I don't know how to Photoshop him. I'll get right on that. Probably not.

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  1. I haven't checked out what McDonald's is putting in their happy meals lately, but I will!