Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dancing With the Oz Stars

I've been focused in on the end of the book I'm working on, so I haven't been posting about NATIONAL STAY AT HOME WEEK, but I'd love to hear what you're watching in the new season.

I'm totally hooked on Fringe. It's freaky wonderful, and I hope it stays the same. There's a new twist every week. Tonight we found out the dead guy Jim is probably being brought back to life. The characters are super. I especially like the research scientist they sprang from the mental insitution.

On the Sarah Connor Chronicles, Sarah and John are doing some pretty unmotivated stuff that I'm shaking my head at. Why doesn't she tell him what's going on--like when she went to save the ex-boyfriend's wife? Why did he bring a girl home when he knows his life will never be normal? How does the paramedic fit in now that his wife is dead? Not that he won't come in handy, what with them getting blown up and shot all the time.

Dancing With the Stars - I'm totally bummed that one of my faves - Etyda went home on the first vote off, but we saw it coming. Poor her to get stuck with that dud. I'm loving Misty and also the 18yr old fella. He lucked out getting Julianne!

You know you want to laugh at the Dancing With the Oz Stars photo I took for you. Go ahead!

Bones has been FUN. I miss the young fella, and last season I hated Sweets, but now I think he's funny. I had to watch the season opener on the web cause I missed it. It was funny.

I've missed all of Burn Notice.
House - the whole thing with Wilson is ridiculous.

Still to come - Gray's Anatomy. Do you think Derek is the one dying in the commercials? And Rose is pregnant with his baby? How soap opera can we get?

I'm all discombooberated cause GA and House aren't on the same night any more. And they put House opposite NCIS. :-(

Let me know what you're watching and what you like so far!


  1. I missed Bones last week but really liked the season opener in London. I didn't like Sweets last year either, but also find him more likable this year.

    House is weirder than usual. Quite gorey this week. Didn't see Fringe yet and have never really gotten into Dancing with the Stars.

  2. Hi Betsy! Are you home now? How was the beach?

    You can watch the Bones episode you missed on Fox online.

  3. :( waaah, I was so excited for DWTS that I totally missed Fringe last night. Love 'em both. Thought the best person to leave Dancing last night did. I've a number of favorites, so we'll wait and see how the season progresses.

    Love Bones. Lost interest in House last year with the 'game show' stuff. NCIS is pretty good--I'm a late comer to that show.

    Love Primevil on BBC America.

    Yikes, add in history, food and hgtv channels and I watch way too much tv.:)

  4. Yep, home from the beach and back to work. YUCK! I keep asking Dennis why we can't just open the window and hear the ocean. :-)
    I worked 13 hours Monday and 12 yesterday to try to play catch up. Sometimes I don't think it's worth going away.

  5. I will have to catch Primeevil on your recommendation.

    Did you laugh at my picture?

  6. I love Edyta and was so bummed to see her go ~ although, I pretty much saw it coming when I saw who her partner was.

    I'm so excited for Grey's Anatomy and Ugly Betty ~ although, I really hope that they don't do the whole "I'm having your baby" storyline. I'm hoping it's a bad dream.

  7. I'm with ya, Dev. Please, let it be Meredith's bad dream!

  8. Hi Cher,
    I watched Grey's last night and even though I think they're a bit over the top, with wishing for injured people to come to their hospital, overall I thought it was a good episode. Loved that the "Rose" thing wasn't true ... thank goodness, but Grey has to get over herself and her issues. I cried with the three women's friendships.
    Also, saw Smallville. It was okay.

    I'm looking forward to Desperate Housewives. Hooked on a new show called the Mentalist. Didn't "get" Fringe, sorry.
    But I'm with you. I hated that Edyta was booted off DWTS already. I saw that coming, didn't you?

    And again, Biggest Loser is quite inspiring. I lose more weight when that show is on, than if not... a good thing!