Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Zoo Day

Here's Elijah walking along with a peacock. The peacocks are tame and run wild all over the zoo. You mostly find them in the shady lake areas. We saw one peeking into a planter of flowers, and it cracked us up.

Elijah took this picture from the train. He's realy good at these shots, isn't he? He was the train photographer.

Elijah took this shot of the elephants as we were passing by the pachaderm complex.

These entertaining fellows are inside the aquatic building, where sharks and sea turtles and puffins and jellyfish all all sea creatures imaginable are housed.

Penguins are one of his favorites, so we always stay to watch them dive and play underwater. He used some of his birthday money for a new stuffed baby emporer penguin.

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