Thursday, August 07, 2008

So They Thought They Could Dance!

And oh baby, did they ever! It was an AWESOME season. I had so many favorites that when it came down to the end, I couldn't even pick one. Never ever picked a favorite. I liked Jessica and Kherigan and was sad to see them go. I LURVed Mark and REALLY didn't want him to go. It got to where everyone left was one of my favorites.

So tonight was the finale. I really didn't want this to be over. It was kind of fun seeing Loud Mary and Nigel dance. Not together. But since they critique the dancers, it's good for them to reinforce that they know what they're talking about.

Am I the only one who thinks the Jonas Brothers' song was a little iffy in the choruses? Ewww.

I loved Courtney and every dance she did with every partner. Katee really grew on me. Personality-wise not so much-but her dancing was unsurpassed.

I never ever could have chosen between Twitch and Joshua. I have to say I was surprised that Katee went before either of them, because she was a favorite with the judges. I think the fellas had the young people and the girls voting.

I LOVED that we got to see all the judges' favorite dances live one more time - many of those were my favorites, too -- and the music? Incredible. The door routine with Katee and Twitch was awesome. What say you that Mia Michaels wins another Emmy for that choreography? Dug that bizarre fight between Courtney and Mark to no end. Wowza. Bollywood was so cool.
So Joshua is the winner. This sweet super talented guy who previously cleaned a dance studio in exchange for lessons. That's heart.

I felt bad that they didn't plan the end well enough for Twitch to have his time on the show highlighted like all the others did.

What will I watch now? I'm sad it's over.

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  1. Cheryl I am with you sad it is over. I am glad I was not one of judges that would have been hard to judge the last 4 were so good.