Saturday, August 16, 2008

My Garden Mid-Morning: Butterflies

When the focus is good, it's good; when the focus is bad--well, the photo is deleted asap. For some reason it was an incredibly IN FOCUS day!

The first two are black swallowtails. The middle one is a small butterfly I can't identify, and the bottom two are monarchs. All were in the back yard on the zinnias.

So far this has been the hot stop for the beauties, rather than my butterfly bushes in front, which are attracting only a few.

CLICK ON PHOTO TO ENLARGE (You won't be sorry.)


  1. Beautiful, Cheryl!

    Remember your planting in a pumpkin last year? We had pumpkins in the garden, and I'm already planning my arrangement for this year!!

    Oh, and I have the Rita program on top of my desk to mail to you. We move ds to his apt this week, then next week dd starts school--I promise I'll get it done then!


  2. Beautiful Cheryl! I think you could have another career as a nature photographer.