Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Nashville Star

Any Nashville Star fans out there?

Last night's elimination took it down to the final three. I think Melissa Lawson is great, but my vote is for Shawn Mayer.

How about you?

(Buh-bye, Coffey, I don't know how you made it that far.)


  1. Personally, I love Melissa. Hope she wins, but I'm afraid you may be right. Shawn just might win it all. From the start, I'd thought that the final 3 would have been Melissa, Gabe, and Ashley. It was really a surprise to me last week when Ashley was voted off.

  2. I love Melissa too. She's a Faith or Martina. I thought Ashley was great too. So, we'll see who wins! I am Definitely a Fan!

    Charlene from Earthquake Central. Had a nice 5.8 today, Getting my nails done for Nationals and we all ran out of the shop when the tremor turned out to be a big big tremble. Luckily no one was hurt.

  3. I love to watch all of them but I am with you Cheryl I would love for Shawn to win I like Melissa to but there is just something about Shwan.

    Charlene hope all is well with you guys and your Earthquakes

  4. I have enjoyed Nashville Star. Cheryl, like you I was surprised that Coffey lasted as long as he did. His voice quivered when he sang!

    I like all 3 remaining finalists, so I will be happy to see any of them win. I think no matter who wins, they all have a future in the business as singers and possibly songwriters.