Monday, July 21, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

At my last chapter meeting, our illustrious president Cyndy Salzmann asked this question for an ice breaker: What is your guilty pleasure?

The responses were mostly hilarious. I plan to do a P&P blog on the subject and still want to, but so far I don't have many collected. I asked members to send me their answers and only a couple have done so. At first I couldn't think of anything, but then I came up with something.

Now I thought of something else.
Boom Blox

Kristin and I often stay up until midnight or one AM in Boom Blox competitions--when we both have to get up for work in the morning. We've done it several nights in a row lately, and my arm and shoulder are so sore, I just had to take some Tylenol so I can go to sleep. I kid you not.

Boom Blox is a Wii game created by Stephen Spielburg. The fiend. Our favorites are the towers you have to slide blocks from and try not to topple them, and also the blocks of towers you do try to knock down systematically. You can play alone or as partners, but we choose to compete against each other.

This from me, the person who won't have games on her computer.

Nintendo DS is fun, too (the one Carrie Underwood plays on the commercials) but this Wii game rocks.

Do you have a favorite Wii game? Do you play DS? One of my chapter friends plays Fashion Solitaire online. I confess I checked it out, but resisted the free hour. I don't need any more addictions.

What's your guilty pleasure? It doesn't have to be a game or anything related. If you give me permission, I'll consider using your guilty pleasure in my P&P blog. Tell me if you want to go by a fake name. :::snort:::


  1. Guilty pleasures?
    I have 2!

    1. On Tuesday mornings from September to May I bowl in a women's league and have done so for the past 13 years. It's a ritual and a way to leave my computer behind for 3 hours a day. But that's not my guilty pleasure. No, my guilty pleasure is that during the summer months when not bowling, when I should be writing to catch up, I go to the beach! Malibu beckons and my friend and I pack up our gear and head through the canyon to Pacific Coast Highway. Even when I have a deadline. Even when I'm stressed. Even when there's a pile of laundry waiting and errands to run. I leave it all behind. I rearrange my schedule, get up extra early to write, then work til midnight to catch up, but summer Tuesdays are beach days! A few hours of sunshine, sand and freedom from daily life. A few hours to lean back in a chair, grab a bite to eat, catch up on news with my friend and read! A few hours of peace...

    I pay for it by having to work extra hard when I come home, but it's worth it.

    2. Tim McGraw.

    Everyone who knows me, knows I'm a huge fan. I've never belonged to a fan club, ever, not even for Elvis, but I belong to his. I'll pay outrageous prices on ebay for Very Good Seats to his concert. Thankfully, my good friend, Tanya is my enabler. She loves Tim too and we go together and have a blast! I see every movie he's in, buy his records, visit his website, know the names of his bandmembers and his children. I'm a die-hard fan. Go figure!

  2. I knew about the beach and I knew about Tim, but bowling is news to me! 13 years, wow! What is your average?

    I bowled on Wednesday mornings for years when my children were young, but I haven't done that for a LONG time. All my bowling is done on the Wii now--and I'm pretty good. *G*

    I do have an assortment of bowling balls lying around my garden. I intend to mosaic of these days.

  3. Guilty pleasures...mmm.

    I love old movies, especialy musicals, and especialy Elvis, and if I can watch them while playing with my beads, I am in heaven.

    But I would have to say I absolutly love reading and will read most anything, including the cereal box, but really love reading the work of someone I've met. One of the reasons I have almost all of your books, Cheryl and of Julie Miller's.

  4. Thanks, Connie. Julie is a sweetie, isn't she? Sometime we have to get you to a signing with Mary Connealy and Victoria Alexander and Pam Crooks and all the other great Nebraska authors! I think Mary's going to be signing in Norfolk next month.

  5. I have 2 Guilty Pleasures (as far as games go)...

    1. Nancy Drew PC Games. These things are sooooo addictive. Me and my girls sit at the computer for hours playing these things until we finally (usually days/months later LOL) solve the mystery.

    2. CSI PC Games. These are just as addictive as the Nancy Drew games. LOL We love the shows, so me and my girls love sitting at the computer for hours playing these games until the crime is solved!

  6. Some of my guilty pleasures are reading a good book in front of the fireplace in winter when I should be doing something else LOL, walking along the beach in summer. And the rest of the time: red wine, mani-pedi's, and the TV show, Law and Order Criminal Intent. Bobby Goren knows everything, and Logan is, well, Mr. Big.

    Best wishes always, Cheryl,

  7. Cindy, are they onlne games? They sound great.

    Hey Connie and Tanya!

  8. I thought reading romance novels was a guilty pleasure???

    However, if I had to pick something else, I'd say it's MY 'afternoon naps'. I am not napping as much as I did, but when my 2nd one was born, I was under dr. orders to nap every afternoon to help keep my BP down. I never gave it up. We trained family and friends not to call or bother me in the 2-4pm range. Even if I didn't nap, I'd sit quietly and read or watch TV. Just some me down time. I still sneak some naps in, but my afternoons are still my downtime.

    The other thing my entire family is currently addicted to (and I spend sever afternoons of 'nap time' playing is Disney's Toontown Online. We did it--got a subscription. I resisted the game for about 6 months, but my son begged me to play as a present to him for one hour. HA--now I'm hooked on the dumb game.

    That's why we don't own a Wii. I'd never get any sleep or rest.

  9. Cher - I have a 144 average and bowled a 234 last season winning season high scratch total... in bowling terms.
    Take pics when you mosaic those balls!

  10. They are PC games that you have to buy, but I think with the Nancy Drew games you can play a mini-game before you buy!