Friday, July 18, 2008

Christmas in July?

Nope. Just thinking ahead.

Charlene Sands already asked if I'd be holding The Great Christmas Tree Tour again, and I assured her I would be.

So plan on taking a picture of your tree for me this December!

I'll ask some of your favorite authors to send pictures, too, and we'll have fun seeing each other's trees.

Now back to your regularly scheduled summer....


  1. Oh good, I am so pleased you are doing this again. It is so much fun to have a peak at the Christmas trees...

  2. Cheryl it seems like it is way to early to think about Christmas trees, but it is right around the corner. I have to tell you a secret we moved into our new room on Christmas Eve and my hubby put a little tree up in there because he knows how much I love to lay and look at Christmas lights well the tree is still up and we are keeping it up I love to look at it each night before I go to bed I even have them on a timer and guess what there is NO Mickey's on it. LOL

  3. Your husband is such a sweetie!

    I love the idea of a year-round tree to admire. We should treat ourselves to simple things that make us happy.