Sunday, June 08, 2008

things that make me smile

This is the baby who sits on the wicker loveseat at the foot of my bed. I smile evey time I go past. I think he's a him. Isn't he adorable? How can you not smile at that?


  1. I have dolls all over the place. Some are pretty, some are cute, and some are just plain adorable. Many of them are dolls I made and dressed and one special one is a ByeLo baby that wears a 90 year old baptismal dress that all of my chilren and grandchildren have worn. It was my Father-in-law's. This one just makes me feel good. I have one doll who fools everyone that sees it as it is so real and moves like a real baby. I pray that I never grow too old to enjoy my dolls.

  2. I loved hearing about your dolls, Connie! Any time you want to send me a picture.....

  3. My almost-10 y/o granddaughter and I share an interest: we love dolls
    and stuffed animals! Now, I don't
    have near as many as she does, but
    I do have several favorites. They
    are my Millennium Celebration Cabbage Patch Kid named Alexa Dawn, my Shining Stars Teddy Bear, and
    my Barbie dressed in a Houston Rockets Dancer costume. My 2 y/o grandson, Tristan, and I most
    enjoy the baby doll we call Baby.
    We change her outfits with the

    Pat Cochran

  4. Cheryl, is this the one you bought when we met at Goodwill? Right color, just couldn't remember the design on outfit.

    Enjoyed hearing from Connie & Pat.

    Mom was the doll collector. I have her 6 Amish dolls in a sleigh with wood sides & curvy black iron runners, sitting on a small quilt. Sisters each picked a favorite: Lisa's VERY similar to Cheryl's is in a cradle; Linda chose an upholstered chair to display her fancy doll. Dad sold some of her collection, but kept 2 Shirley Temple reproductions. I had a bride doll that Linda cut her hair when she was 5; Was I FURIOUS!
    My son David gave me a porcelain bisque fashion doll w/ brocaded dress like a 1800's English lady. LOVE it, but told him NO more; not going to start anymore Collections!
    Just bought a Univ of Iowa outfit for Linda's Cabbage patch doll. She has our Barbie clothes from 1963-66, but someone stole my Barbie from our yard while nephew was playing with her in her Corvette.
    Older son Brian had a baby doll from garage sale that was the exact size David was at birth, 12" long & same size footprint. What a coincidence!!

    Cheryl, have you ever eaten at the Pink Poodle in Crescent IA and seen the owner's doll collection?