Friday, June 20, 2008

Just Do It - no not Nike

Apparently there's a 100 days club for members who've gone 100 or more days without getting physical. Who knew? I sure didn't. Well, I just read about Douglas and Annie Brown who did the exact opposite and decided to have sex for 100 days straight. My local RWA chapter has done 100 day challenge to write for 100 days consecutively. I've never made it yet. Sex for 100 days? I don't know.

Well Doug and Annie had sex every day for 101 days and wrote a book so the whole world would know. Did the idea for the book present itself first--or after they were into this for 30 or 40 days? Inquiring minds want to know. On how many of those occasions, did one of them say to the other, "Well, I guess we have to do this or we'll lose the book deal?"

Quote from the book: "You couldn't do this the rest of your life. It was exhausting."

Yeah, I guess. And apparently, even though it was her suggestion, it's his name on the book. Wait, didn't they do it together? (No pun intended. Well, okay, pun intended.)

Don't I just find the most interesting and unusual things for you? Nobody ever said I don't love my blogger buddies!



  1. Verrrrry interesting! Yes you do find quite interesting tidbits Cheryl. Keep up the good work!

    By the way, Dennis is in your fair city this week and says you got a horrible rainstorm last night. How did your flowers make it through the flood?

  2. Betsy, everything I have this year are perenials and quite hardy. We've been working in our kitchen, at our daughter's and painting our new church building, so we haven't done any gardening! Shocking, isn't it? We're not that far behind though, because of all the rain. Perenials are doing the best everywhere - though I've seen some gorgeous pansies.

    Will post flowers pics soon. I've taken them, I just haven't posted them. My cacti have been blooming - and my yucca bloomed this year. Weird.