Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Season End: Dancing With the Stars

Any Dancing With the Stars fans out there? Kristi Yamaguchi was named this season's champ on last night's season finale, becoming the first woman to win the ABC dance-off since its inaugural season.

The gold medal winning figure skater came into the final contest Tuesday with a perfect score and bested fan favorites Jason Taylor and Cristian de la Fuente to claim the mirrorball trophy. I always thought Kristi had an advantage, being an athlete used to chorography and all. She was so good that I believe she could have a second career.

I admire Jason for overcoming his size and learning something foreign and challenging and excelling at it.

Christian I could have watched cook dinner or brush his teeth, you know. Yowza. Not only is he a stunner to look at, but what a nice guy - and a true champion for hanging in there good-naturedly with a serious injury. The actor ruptured a tendon in his biceps while dancing on April 28, but delayed the surgery necessary to repair it so he could continue in the contest.

I posted more pictures of Cristian, because seriously, who would you rather see, Kristi or Christian?

"It's about wanting something in life and going for it," he said. "In this case it was a dance show, but it can be anything that you're afraid of. Go for it. Do it. The reward that you get when you put your heart, your soul, everything you've got in something, it's priceless."
I liked Cheryl Burke better this season. Did you know she and Gerard Butler are an item?

And what about Shannon and Derek? I guess he liked her bod, but what a whiner. Derek, honey, you can do better.

Not that I have an opinion or anything! LOL

I always feel bad when my favorite pro dancers get stuck with a dud. Poor Julianne didn't stand a chance, but she was a trouper. And she had plenty to keep her busy this season, what with her new CD released and presenting on the country music awards.

Is she just an all around doll or what?


  1. The Finnish version of Dancing With the Stars ended just before yours did. But today we are watching Eurovision Song Contest. The Finnish heavy metal band Teräsbetoni made it to the finals.

    Oh, and the flower in my cactus is finally open.

  2. Dancing With The Stars - Oh Yes!!!!
    One of my special favorites, and I
    was faced with a quandary last evening because NCIS is also a great favorite for Honey and I. Which do I watch and which do I tape? I finally decided to tape NCIS. Although all three were
    good, I was pulling for Cristian, and then for Jason in the finals.
    I couldn't get over feeling
    that Kristi had an advantage with
    her lifelong training! Anyway, I
    stayed up an extra hour and
    a half. I couldn't wait to see
    who was leaving the show!

    Pat Cochran

  3. OOPS! The show I stayed up to see
    was the tape of NCIS! I guess I'm still feeing the effects of my late night!

    Pat C.

  4. We taped NCIS too, but haven't watched it yet.

    Minna, my outdoor cacti have buds on them. They only bloom for a couple of days, so I have to keep watch for pictures.

  5. Well, unlike you, I had to sort of force my cactus to make that one single yellow flower.

    Ok, I just couldn't resist:
    Eurovision 2007 Semi-Final Latvia

    ESC 1996 * 11 Estonia * Kaelakee Hääl *

    Kirka: Hengaillaan

    Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa - Eurovision 2008

  6. I watched all of them Minna, even thought I had no clue what they were singing. LOL

    Are the first two groups, is that why there's more than one performer?

  7. Cheryl I love dancing with the stars and I love it more on TV here when they came was nothing like TV.
    I knew Kristi was going to win she did have an advantage on them. I was sad when Christian didn't make it to the end he is the looker way better then Kristi so I understand more pictures of him.
    Oh by the way who is Gerald Butler not sure who that is?
    Yes Shannon is a baby I really never liked her and her legs are way to long she didn't know what to do with them.
    Julianne gets all the bummer people kinda like the Ashley girl that used to be on it I liked watching her.
    I thought Jason did a good job too I was hoping for him to win since Christian didn't.
    After I watched it which I didn't know it lasted until 10:00pm then I had to find the bat that found it ways in my home. Well about 11:00 he came out and we were able to catch him I don't want to do that again.

  8. There are often a lot of performers. Well, first one is a group, in the second one it's just Maarja-Liis Ilus and Ivo Linna. I think they sing about a necklace, which "turns dark if you leave me".

    Herreys - Diggiloo Diggiley

    Finland 1977 - Lapponia - Monica Aspelund

    Cliff Richard - Congratulations (United Kingdom ESC 1968)


    Eurovision 2007 Semifinal - Belarus : Work your magic

    Our winner (hide the mirrors, these faces might break them):
    Lordi- Eurovision 2006

  9. By the way, that odd structure in those 2007 videos represents the jaws of a pike.

  10. Kristiasians would rather see KRISTI than cristian, and we feel his injury was a bogus. Kristi was asked by ABC to dance on dwts, so if they thought she was a 'ringer' then ABC should be the one to talk to. Kristi just did her best and was the BEST !!!!