Monday, May 26, 2008

A Rhubarb Patch, or Hog Heaven

I've tried several times to get a crop of rhubarb growing, but I'm going to have to try harder. Whenever I'm blessed to have someone give me rhubarb, I cut and freeze it and use it sparingly.

After working on the kitchen today we went to LeighAnn's. Jay had made a couple of shutter doors for their circuit boxes in the lower level they just finished, and we took them up. It's a nice Sunday or holiday drive, as they live in a small gated lake community surrounded by farmland. As she and I were sitting out back and the guys were installing doors, I noticed the neighbor's rhubarb gone to seed.

LeighAnn said the neighbor had told her come get it any time. That was all the invitation I needed! Adam went with me and cut off leaves after I pulled out stalks. Now get this - his mom trusted him with dad's sharp blade, but not me. What's wrong with this picture? Think it has anything to do with the time I wiped out on their dirt bike and traumatized my children? LOL

So anyway, we got a basket full, and it took me over and hour to wash and chop once I got home. I have five gallon bags full in the freezer! Whoo hoo! Of course I'll be taking rhubarb crunch to Erin's graduation party next Saturday.

And I'll be posting rhubarb recipes, so check the recipe archives.

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  1. yummm! you are one lucky rhubarb hunter!