Friday, April 04, 2008

Hello? Can anybody hear me?

From a website called Switched, mainly about gadets and technical stuff, comes this report by Joshua Fruhlinger.

It was five years ago when Frank Jones' wife and son died unexpectedly. His son, Steven, died of a brain tumor at an early 32. Three months later, his wife, Sadie died from a heart attack at the age of 69. Sadie was a cell phone addict. "She always had a mobile with her," Jones told the Blackpool Gazette. So, of course, they buried Sadie with her cell phone.

Now Jones believes Sadie is getting service six feet under, and she has been sending him text messages with words only Sadie would say. Of course, there is no return number on the messages or missed calls, leading Jones to believe the communications are [from] his deceased wife.

Creepy? Yes. But here's where things get creepier: The house Jones lives in has a history of hauntings from a being called "The Thornton Thing". The entity drove a family from the house in 1971, and after the Jones family suffered hauntings as well, they had the house exorcised.

It wasn't until the untimely deaths of his wife and son did Jones start experiencing messages from beyond. The obvious question we can't help asking: What kind of service does one get up there? She's clearly getting a lot of dropped calls.

I remember a story years ago, where a woman kept getting weird calls and come to find out the phone line was down in the cemetery. LOL

I tell ya what, when I go, DON'T put a cell phone in the box with me. I've had enough hectic distractions and am looking forward to the peace and quiet.

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