Wednesday, April 02, 2008

American Idol Favorites

'American Idol' contestant David Cook is "doing fine" after being hospitalized because he felt heart palpitations following Tuesday night's show, a PEOPLE source confirms. According to the report, the rock-loving Cook was treated at the hospital for high blood pressure, and was shortly released.

The hospitalization came after Cook unleashed another praise-worthy performance, belting out his own take on Dolly Parton's 'Little Sparrow.' Following the performance, Cook was not among the rest of the contestants. TMZ broke the story and reports that Cook has been stressed out behind the scenes because his ailing brother, who is battling cancer, had a setback. How sad.

David is among my favorites. Michael, one of my early predictions who lost a little favor for a time, is now back in my hot list. I love love love Carly. I still love Jason, and while he had a weak song last time, I think he did great with his Dolly choice. I am concerned for him, though, because he's not quite as versatile as some of the others when it comes to these song limitations.

I used to really like Ramiele, but she can go. I like David A and believe he's incredibly talented. Would I buy a CD or watch a concert. Probably not. That's how I decide. I can't believe Kristy is still there, except she's cute and blond and shows off her, um--assets.

With DialIdol this year, you can vote who to keep safe or who to make unsafe. I usually choose who I think needs the votes to stay safe. But this week I simply voted for Ramiele, Kristy and Saesha to be unsafe. Saesha is okay, but she tries to belt those big songs and is too often screechy or flat. I don't know if Dolly or Whitney's version of I Will Always Love You is my favorite because they're both so beautiful. Saesha should have stayed with the sweeter version. I'm a huge Dolly fan, and it just makes me sad to see her...well, getting a few years on. She's still adorable.

So anyway, who blew me away this week? Carly. And Michael.

Since I realized the itunes downloads are full versions of the songs (duh) I'm going to download a few for my ipod. Has anyone tried it?

Hear Michael's bluesy version of a Dolly song:


  1. I know she won't win, but I really enjoy Brooke's singing style. Idol's fun now that it's getting down to fewer contestants.

  2. Cheryl, once again you and I have corresponding thoughts about the idols. Cool.

    I'm very glad both David and the show took how he felt seriously. And got him back and smiling. Like Paula, I really like his haircut! Those long side swoopy things really drove me crazy. And not in a good way. LOL

    Michael--wow. Now I would buy his music! Now. After this last performance and his excellent handling of Queen (which for me are like Whitney songs--most people shouldn't ever do them) he's definitely a keeper!

  3. Great show this week. I thought they all did pretty well, but Ramele was the right choice to my humble opinion. Now it's going to get really hard. I think Kristy is the weakest one left, but then I didn't think she would last this long.

    The guys definitely have the edge this year and I'm having a really hard time choosing between them.