Thursday, January 31, 2008

Have you looked at the recipes lately?

Just wondering.


  1. OK--I usually forget to check the recipes until you remind me on this blog. However, I'm jumping up & down right now. I was just thinking last night how I am REALLY hungry for a white chili and don't have a good recipe. Woo Hoo!! I feel soup coming up for dinner.

  2. I'll have to get the recipes from the 2 ladies who make WONDERFUL soup for our weekly church soup kitchen. Taco soup like a non-spicy chili, cabbage soup without the trouble of making cabbage rolls, etc, etc. I partake as it's hard to cook for one or two; could always freeze it, just don't cook much.
    A church near Hanscom Park has a chili, including white and vegetable, fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity in conjunction with their spiritual Mardi Gras celebration. Two neighbors make 2-3soups for their Open Houses, one in Oct, one at Christmas.