Sunday, December 16, 2007

Who knew?

I have to tell you something funny that happened to me today. I went into Walmart photo center to pick up some pics I ordered, and my package was flagged for copyright. The girl slid out my pics and asked, "Are these professionally taken?"

I told her I took them, and I had to sign a copyright release! LOL

So, guess what, I'm now a professional photographer!

(And by the way, don't venture into that photo center without your sack lunch and bottled water.)


  1. Those must have been some pretty awesome pictures, Cheryl!

    I don't anticipate that this will ever happen to me! LOL

  2. I've seen some of your pictures! It doesn't surprise me someone thought they were professional. You could have two careers.

  3. I'm not surprised either, Cheryl. The pictures you put on this blog are always beautiful!

  4. remember I asked if YOU took Erin's HS photos that were done professionally? When you asked what we enjoy most about your blog, your family/nature pics rank even higher than contests! And that's the truth!