Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Great Christmas Tree Tour 2007: Carla

Thank you, Carla, for sending us a picture of your gorgeous tree! We'd all love to stop over and sit by your fireplace for an evening. Can you make us hot chocolate?


  1. If you stop by I'll even find some Christmas cookies to serve with the hot chocolate!

  2. Beautiful tree Carla. Do you have snow to go with it?

  3. Carla---your tree qualifies to be in "House Beautiful".

    Can I have some cookies, too?

  4. Betsy,
    The weatherman says 3-5" of snow tomorrow so I'll have some snow to go with the tree soon enough!

    Bring the kids, your sleds, and we'll have cookies and hot chocolate after the sledding!

  5. tall & elegant!

    The trick is "are the roads passable to visit? Have no horse with a sleigh."

    I'm not a fan of cold, BUT do like winter activities like skiing, skating, & sledding. We were 1/2 block from a most WONDERFUL tobogganing hill as a child.
    Put a candy cane in that cocoa & I'm there!!

  6. Do I recognize Hallmark orns? (Worked with them for 8 yrs.)