Saturday, December 08, 2007

The Great Christmas Tree Tour 2007: BETSY

Betsy says:

"Here's a picture of my tree, just decorated today. When the kids leave home, I give them their ornaments. I'm down to just Alex's so the tree is beginning to look a bit bare. I guess I'll just have to go shopping!"

Thank you for sharing, Betsy! It's beautiful!


  1. Tinsel and garland are great for sparkle and covering space. After Christmas sales are the ticket if you can wait.

  2. Or try Cheryl's beloved for someone who is changing their theme or downsizing.
    The price is right- FREE and it's national- even the little town of Murray has one or try your county name.

  3. Thanks Lou, I'll have to try freecycle. I like tinsel for the sparkle too.

    Cheryl...boy you're fast. I just sent you the picture and you already have it posted. Faster than a speeding mouse!!!