Friday, November 23, 2007


This is a pose we're making a tradition.
Here we are pre-pork out. Still with that look of anticipation.

We have a dilemma. Jen hands me a vegetable peeler when it's time to peel potatoes. What? What am I supposed to do with this? Scrape like this, she says, quickly and efficiently demonstrating the peeler technique. I give it a try, but I love my knuckles and fingertips. May I have a paring knife?" I ask. We search high and low for a paring knife. When one is located, Grandma gets to use it. "See?" I say, there's how you peel a potato."

So we have a question for you: PEELER or PARING KNIFE on potatoes?

The guys and kids play football while dinner is in the works. It was COLD!

After dinner, Jennifer stores food and makes doggie bags for everyone.

A rousing game of Apples and Oranges ensues. I laugh so hard at this game. here Erin and I are disagreeing over whose answer is the best.

Zach assures you Grandma's cookies are pure bliss.

Took this picture at night. This is one lucky porch kitty!


  1. We ran into the potato peeler/paring knife dilemma yesterday. We had Thanksgiving at my daughter's house.
    New house, 1-1/2 year married.
    She didn't own a potato peeler.
    We peeled with a knife but I definitely prefer a peeler.
    She said it's no wonder she didn't have one. The five pound bag of potatoes???? The first potatoes she'd bought since she got married. How do you live without potatoes???????????????
    And yet they seem to be manageing very well.

  2. Cheryl,

    When is your Steeple Hill book coming out?

    I'd love to feature you with an interview on my blog. Check it out:

    Email me at safe-ldwrites at flash dot com

  3. Peeler for me. I lose half of the potato with a paring knife. Guess I'm not very coordinated!

    It looks like a great time was had by all at your Thanksgiving Cheryl. What is the game "Apples & Oranges". I've never heard of it.

  4. Cheryl, I'm with you, paring knife. Use to use peeler years ago, but found I could save my hands by using paring knife and still have lots of potatoes. Glad you guys had such a wonderful time. Went by your mom's house last night and it was all dark, so figured she must be at yours.

  5. Cheryl --

    A peeler and an American peeler at that. I can't use the British ones. I did struggle but the first time I went back to the US, I brought a proper peeler...You can go really fast with a peeler...During my 17th summer, I was a cook's assstant at a Girl Scout. You do not want to know how many sacks of potatoes and carrots I went through...

  6. Paring knife. :) And only on Thanksgiving we use real cream in the mashed potatoes. Fattening, I know. But Thanksgiving potatoes are special. LOL

    It looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Same here. There's nothing better than quality family time.

  7. Glad you seemed to have had a nice Thanksgiving!

  8. Peeler for me, with a paring knife for the eyes. My aunt has a favorite that is 2-3" wide and in the shape of a triangle, but I grew up with the regular long, slender one. However, I think my farm Nana used a knife.

    I only buy potatoes occasionally for potato salad for funeral lunches and Tgiving, Xmas dinners.

  9. Cheryl I like the paring knife but if I use the peeler I use the cutco one that way I don't kill my fingers and it goes smoother. I have used others only to have my knuckles all banged up.
    Mary I am with you who doesn't eat potatoes? Maybe that is why I am fat. LOL
    Looks like the family had a great time, it was a good time here it was a little hard when time to eat we all kind a lost it while eating missing DAD my daughter and my brother went up to the cemetery to see him after dinner that was nice and I think it helped us all.
    How was the shopping on Friday? We shopped from 6:00am til 6:00pm what a day, I was so upset when I heard the enchanted Castle at the Westwoods was closing most of the stuff is on sale everything must go even things that she normally don't sell got a few good ones one of a kinds.