Thursday, November 01, 2007

Meet Josie Randolph and Samuel Hart

You don't know them yet. I'm just figuring them out. They have a story to tell me, and once they do, you'll learn it, too.

I think their story is called Song of the Mountain.
I just wanted to see them together.


  1. They look great together - can't wait to hear their story!

  2. Oohh! I can't wait to hear more about them. And I second *lizzie's yummy comment!

  3. hmmmm, sounds kinda interesting. Could we have a hint when you DO get to know them? Please????

  4. You'll meet them Friday, Julie.

    And that, of course, is Goran Visnjic as Spartacus. I dig him as Dr. Kovac, too, but this pumped up side of him is, well....I don't need to go on. He's also in Practical Magic, if you'll remember, as the guy Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman kill and he comes back to life. Such a creep in that movie, but pretty cool anyhow.

    The girl is a Cover Girl ad from years back. I just love her looks, and she does look good with him, doesn't she?

    back to Nano-ing.

  5. Sue: These characters are in my very first Love Inspired Historical which isn't due until July 30th next year, so who knows when it will be scheduled, but I'm working on it now because I can't afford down time between books for the next year. I have four contracted. So I'm writing a chunk of this until I get a revision letter for one that's due before this one, then I'll switch books. I've never done it quite like this, but this is National Novel Writing Month and I'm not letting any dust grow under my feet.

    He's a preacher man on his way west. She's a widow. It's a marriage of convenience.

  6. Um, I think that's not letting any GRASS grow under my feet, but I was on the phone, therefore mixing my metaphors. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.


  7. LOL...dust growing under your feet doesn't sound too bad...LOL

  8. Don't think there will be any dust growing under your feet.
    I was looking on line today and seen your list of all the books which I believe I have all of them. But then I came across one called Dangerous to Love.. Is that really Badlands Bride and the name was changed?? Maybe you told me this before but I don't remember. Helppppp

  9. You've got it right, Brenda. That's the reissue of Badlands Bride.

  10. REALLY like their names!
    Cheryl, I'll bet he's wondering what she looks like with her hair down! LOL
    Glad you said who he is because I do like him as Dr K, but can't say I like the wispy bang look in this particular photo-conflicts with the rugged image of 5 o'clock shadow. Haven't seen the S Bullock film yet.

    Have 2 co-workers and a friend who are widows 40-55, plus all 3 who met me last week for a church
    meeting were widows, one TWICE (energetic 60-70.) My husband says he's "leaving me a rich widow" when we talk insurance!

  11. Can't wait to hear about their story! I like the 'marriage of convenience' premise.

  12. This looks REALLY good Cheryl. I agree with the others that he's "yummy"! I didn't like the creepy character in Practical Magic either but he's still great looking.

    I didn't even catch the dust metaphor until you corrected yourself. I kind of like dust instead of grass. :) Speaking of grass, would you believe I have to mow the grass this weekend? We've had such warm weather that it keeps growing. Mowing? In November? In Washington? Something is wrong with this picture.