Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Betsy's Stove

This is timely, Betsy, thank you.

Jay and I went stove browsing on Saturday. I found a convection oven I want. Brenda has one, and I want to hear all about how you guys with convection ovens like them. The kitchen is nowhere near ready, but I AM!! I'm going to be prepared when he says, "Okay, let's get the stove."

Have you actually tried three cookie sheets at one time? Do you use the bright silver ones and not dark-colored cookie sheets?


  1. Hi Cheryl:

    What a surprise to open your blog and see my stove! Yes, just last weekend I used 3 cookie sheets and with the convection thing going you don't have to switch the sheets around midway. It worked great! I have airbake cookie sheets right now, but I want to by some of the professional ones at the restaurant supply store. I have asked for some for Christmas so I'm waiting to see if Santa actually brings them. :) THey are silver colored, not dark.

    Do you see the middle burner on the stove. The salesman told me it was a special burner designed to melt chocolate! Oh my goodness, I'm in heaven now!

  2. Cheryl yes I have used 3 cookie sheets at once and they baked great. I don't know if you remember this summer when I was off(that was heaven) I did all that baking well I haven't baked much since I have gone back to work.
    Today the turkey was cooked with the convection and it was very moist and great. I have no dark pans I didn't like them with the old stove either. The only thing that I learned with mine is if the recipe says 350 you need to put it on 375 and it will really be 350 I guess they are supposed to get hotter so it takes it down 25 degrees so I figured out to put it up 25 if that doesn't make sense let me know and I can call and explain it. Can't wait to see your new stove when you get it.

  3. And I can see it's gas, Betsy, which is all the rage - those huge ranges I've been seeing - that's about all the NE Furn Mart is stocking right now - but I'm still hooked on a glass top. I hate cleaning burners.

  4. Betsy,
    I have a stove with the 'chocolate melter' feature! It's great for keeping things warm, too. :)

    I don't have a convection at home, but use big ones all the time at work. I do like the way they bake but find I do have to turn pans for even browning. I guess you just have to learn your own oven!

    And Mickey, my ovens do need to be turned down in temp--has to do with the movement of the air, I think. Again, just like any stove, I think they each have their own personality.

    And what fun--shopping for a new stove. I like my glass top, but the 'cook' in me would LOVE a professional stove--even cleaning the burners!

  5. My stove says to set your regular oven temp and the oven will automatically lower the temp 25 degrees. It seemed to work fine but I haven't had it very long. Cheryl...My last stove was a glass top, (we donated it to the church), it worked great but you have so much more temperature control with a gas cooktop.

    This stove is what's called a duel fuel. Gas top/elecric convection oven. My last splurge before I retire,(hopefully) in about a year & a half. I'm trying to get all my toys before I have no more money. LOL

  6. Considering I do good to use the microwave properly, I probably couldn't (or shouldn't) offer any help...LOL