Sunday, October 21, 2007

Campbell's for the Cure

I bought a case of these. It's just freaky to see a pink can of tomato soup, isn't it? They look like they faded in the sun or something. But then you take a good look and see the pink ribbon.

Mel, I was thinking of you as I made the purchase!
Where are those wedding pictures?

And people? NOBODY has sent me a recipe to that's just wrong. I'm feeling sad....


  1. I don't care for tomato soup but may buy a couple for when David is home for Xmas in support of good friends like Mel. Glad she is still w/us. WAITING for photos; Don't make me hold my breath!

    Double take, Yes, they are as odd as green ketchup which was a flop.

  2. Did you notice my gourds in the background?

  3. Sun weather was gloomy enough to make anyone feel Sad, but cheer up-I want to send one, just have to unbury a good recipe (appropriate since it's Halloween/All Saint's Day soon) Be patient while I handle a book review AND get my Cheryl fix with Christmas Gold.

    CSJ Fans, rejoice with me! My Lucky streak held- I struck pay dirt at my local Booksellers; dug thru 14 boxes & bags to find Gold AND several of Char Sands & Elizabeth Lane's, two P & Pistols fillies! Cheryl thinks she may have heard me howl with triumph Sat about 3 pm. ROFL
    What's an text/internet symbol for MUCH excitement?!

  4. After I clicked to enlarge, noticed gourds AND jade plant AND Roosters on cloth-my kitchen decorated in chicken theme so watch out for yours!

  5. How could I overlook the mixing bowl? What is that classic pattern called? Saw a set at Antiques off Main, "come on down" to check out teacups, etc; visited again Sat-it's a treasure trove. Was in Neb City Sun and thought of you-SEVERAL antique/thrift stores AND a bookstore!

  6. Lou, it's Autumn Leaves from Jewel Tea. What I REAALY want is a pitcher and coffee pot. I have a pitcher collection.

    That is my fall table.

  7. I'll keep an eye peeled for them. My Nana had a pitcher collection.
    I just bought 2 clear glass Juice pitchers with tomatos & oranges on them at church rummage.

    The Book Clinic in Ne City has lots of beautiful, unique teapots for sale, didn't notice pitchers.

  8. Just bought 2 each chicken Noodle and tomato soup 59 cents a can so did my bit