Monday, October 01, 2007

Another Monday Morning in My Garden


  1. Oh Cheryl your garden is so beautiful and peaceful looking. Can I come there and read and not go to work. LOL I miss seeing my garden and baking and all those fun things in life.

  2. I'm having trouble posting my incredibly important comment, Cheryl! ;) Your pictures are beautiful! What an amazing garden and I just love all the ornamental gourds.

  3. Cheryl, ditto all comments, except time prevented quicker response. We lived 16 yrs in The Meadows housing area near Sapp Bros exit & saw a operating windmill in the roundabout leading to our condo;
    daily reminder of my grandparents' source of drinking water until I was 14 in 1965; remember carrying in the pail & using a communal dipper. They did have running water for batheing, toilets & washing dishes.