Saturday, September 08, 2007

A story in pictures: the Heartland Writers Group meeting


  1. It looks like you guys were having a good time. I love your cig's glad they are the safe ones...

  2. The meeting looks FUN, you floozies, (LOL) and productive. THANKS as always for sharing the "behind the scenes" scenes!

    I remember candy cigs; have only had 5 real ones & 2 cigars so I guess they may not start a bad habit as some people fear. But My Dad was vocally against cigs and Mom was allergic so the home team influence won out for me, just not for my younger sister. Fortunately, she quit during 2 pregnancies and eventually for good.

  3. Watched again- the captions added greatly to my enjoyment; love the Husker and Sherri/ad comments! So glad your likeness was captured, Cheryl, as part of the "Wild Bunch", especially a knife-weilding Kathleen! Blond has a great smile and many look intent.
    Do you remember any of the music or books on tape that Kim used for ambiance?

  4. MISSING a NEBRASKA game? Now THAT is a sacrifice!!! I doubt many of your readers realize it; would-be authors need to learn what they may have to discipline themselves to give up for their craft.
    (it would NOT be that for me- went to see ISU (IA STATE) beat U of IA Sat on TV and barely watched, I was there to chat & reminise (SP?) with alumni.)
    Maybe that is a topic for Ask Cheryl or guest bloggers- what have you missed out on to get published or make deadlines?
    Liked the Patty comment, too.

  5. Lou, she used a book on tape of Stephanie Plum, the scene at the end of the book where she and Morelli are in the car and she's undressing....Janet Evanovich sets up sexual tension with very little description.

    Luther Vandros was one of the music choices.