Monday, September 17, 2007

In Remembrance of a Fellow Author and Friend

Author Carol Backus passed away eight years agao this week after a long battle with cancer. Carol founded Lake Country Romance Writers in 1993 and, as Suzanne Barclay, wrote more than a dozen books for Harlequin Historical as well as one for Silhouette Intimate Moments.

Her historicals were set in the medieval period, and she was known for her meticulous research. Hardly a month goes by that she is not on someone's Recommended Reads list. Her fans loved for her stories and then, if they were lucky enough to meet her at one of the numerous conferences she attended, knew her as a friend.

Carol, you are missed.


  1. RIP Carol. I'm sorry I've never read one of your books.

    Did you hear about the passing of Robert Jordan?

  2. Sad to know a good person is no longer around for friendly support and camarderie. She is in my EXTENSIVE TBR file so will make sure she is not whinnowed out.

    Mel, when I did a google search on Jordan, found Madeleine L'Engle died also. I have 2 of her Crosswicks personal family journals, as well as 6 novels to reread.
    My son David has read first 11 of Jordan's at least twice. He asked me earlier this summer to pray Robert could complete #12; the author thought he could beat the disease for 4 yrs. Although David joins MANY fans who will be upset that the final novel may not be able to be published, my condolences are with his wife and friends.
    All 3 leave good legacies.

  3. I've now read all but two of her Harlequin Historicals. I'm very sad she's gone. I came across an empty author page for her on Shelfari and I'm adding bits of information for other readers. I could use a date and place of birth. If she has an official website, that would be nice, too. I haven't come across it yet.