Friday, April 13, 2007

Gray's Story

Gray's Anatomy was, disappointingly, a recap of the past three seasons narrated by dead Denny. Anyone who stuck it out was rewarded by the new video and song at the end. Go listen to The Story by Brandi Carlile. Eventually I will find the video, too. For now you can watch mine and my slideshows.

Actually, I'm more into Bones this season. Less is more when it comes to sexual tension, something we romance writers know all about. And the chemistry between Brennan and Booth is burnin' up the screen!

Remember, you can pause, stop and start on all the songs and videos.


  1. Personally, I am getting tired of Meredith's whining on Grey's A. But I still like the show. Amanda is going "soft" though. She use to be so tough and then after Denny died, they have her wimpy. I will miss Addison. Kallie was nice for George to start with, but then keeping the money secret, spoiled the romance for me.
    Didn't like the singing on the video, but liked the pictures.
    As for Bones, that's Steve's show. The tension is great though!

  2. I am really weary of Izzie. The whole Denny thing put me off, and now she's homewrecking George'e marriage - I really like Kallie - enough already. And from the previews we're going to learn about her daughter she gave up for adoption (I'll just betcha) and more Izzie drama ensues. Please, somebody put a sock in her mouth. (And a padlock around her knees.) She led the other intern on, too, but now I think he has a thing for Addison. That I would like to see!

  3. From Lou:

    Cheryl, I'm getting lilacs from freecycle Sat; ask & ye will receive! lol
    Mickey, happy to do it- have 3 days semi-free m-wed & next week after; taking time off to get knots out of my butt & core muscles back in shape. Had massage therapy, then to the YMCA for exercise class & swimming today. I was a limp as a wet noodle when I got home then couldn't turn on the computer!! :(
    Sorry to hear about your Dad; I took 6 long weekends 5 yrs ago to help with my Mom across Iowa.

    Lucky Lou

  4. Cheryl,

    If you want the music video "The Story", it is on iTunes - I know, 'cause I found it earlier today.


  5. Thank you, Cindyann, I'll go check it out this morning!