Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend Renovation

No, you didn't hear from me all weekend and here's why.

The guys tore out the wall between our kitchen and dining room. Alexis and Elijah got to take the first shots, then the big guns took over. Check out all those electrical wires hanging down. :::gulp::: My son Jared (in the red) said, "Who knew every switch in your house was wired through this one wall?" LOL

They worked really hard. I'm the official packer, taper, sweeper, gopher, food grunt, of course. Now it's one room and the drywall finishing comes next weekend. Just so happens I have a meeting in the morning, so I'll miss most of it. Darn.

Off to my chiropractor appointment....


  1. Cheryl-- we are going to do the same thing some time in the next couple of months! Cannot wait to hear more details!

  2. Cheryl, glad someone got your pic of the gal who is usually BEHIND the camera. Sounds like many hands made light work (LOL) Wish you well on this project. Also good to know why we didn't hear from you.
    (A fan who checks frequently)

  3. LOL, Lou! I always say that when I'm dead and gone, my kids and grandkids will look through all the pictures and ask, "But where was Mom?"

  4. Cheryl, that is why I often approach strangers & offer to take their picture so the camera person gets a rare chance to be IN a photo or two. Especially parents with young children or if someone is celebrating a bday at a restaurant. We used to ask the wait staff to do that task for our group of 8 ladies on bday night.