Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So much stuff, so little space

Okay I will attempt to list things I collect:
(list subject to additions as I remember)

Beanie Baby Monkeys
Beanie Baby Dogs
Beanie Baby Cats
Angel Cheeks
Vintage Chenille Bedspreads
Vintage aprons
Vintage red & white crocheted potholders
White Pfaltzgraff dinnerware
Blue Willow Dinnerware
Vintage spice tins
White cream pitchers
Teacups and saucers
Small plates with roses
Louis L’Amour
Tea and Tea parties
Book covers
Decorating magazines
Fan mail (I’ve never thrown away a single note or letter)
baby dolls
My Scene
Madame Alexander
Josef figurines
Royal Copley planters
Royal Copley roosters
Old photographs
Depression glass
Deviled egg trays
Framed art of vintage girls
Framed art of roses
Hurricane lamps
Vintage cologne bottles
Old medicine tins
Antique canning jars
Vintage jewelry
Not-so vintage jewelry
Sterling silver charms
Foreign Coins
Heart-shaped glass containers
Marble horse head bookends
Miniature resin furniture
Christmas elves
Santas & Santa tree ornaments
Shiny Brite ornaments
Dickens village houses
Old board game markers
Tin advertising signs with vintage girls
Hat boxes
Vintage doilies
Glass bowls
Vintage cookie cutters
McDonalds toys
Videos and DVDs
Advertising Tins
Wind chimes
Vintage basins,
Pails, buckets, watering cans

Things I used to collect, but gave away:
Friends of the Feather
Movie posters
Brass candlesticks
Precious Moments

(For Minna: why they're called Angel "Cheeks")


  1. Oh my goodness Cheryl. Where do you keep it all? I collect yarn, yarn and more yarn. Crochet, knit & quilt patterns too. Angels and birdhouses can be found throughout our house too.
    I made Mandy a queen size quilt for Christmas and I'm just finishing one up for Dennis & me. Maybe I should make you one for your collection!!! This is a fun way to connect. I'll try to do it more often.

  2. Wow, Cheryl -- I think you even have me beat! I collect books, bookmarks, cat items, some stuffed animals, memorabilia on favorite shows like "Star Trek" and "Buffy," Native American items, and some stuff on my favorite stars. And did I mention BOOKS?!? :-)

  3. I have been collecting Precious Moments and Hallmark ornaments...however, I am very selective these days b/c of lack of storage space! LOL :)

  4. Betsy, if you made me a quilt, it would be one of my favorites! I like them to look old-fashioned of course. I will take a picture for you when I get them unpacked.

    Jay made me frames for two big quilt blocks that hang above our bed.

  5. Oh, my. I try to control myself from collecticting too many different kinds of things. I just don't have enough space. But, also I collect
    Stamps (I try to stick with certain kinds of stamps, but I never throw away any stamps, in case someone else collects them)
    Besides those I collect
    I've pretty much given up collecting coins, but my mum has started to collect Euro coins. And there are lots of different kinds of Euro coins...
    By the way, what an earth are Angel Cheeks?

  6. Minna, Angel Cheeks are the little angels you see sitting on the shelf above my desk in the bottom picture. I will take another picture to show you why they're called Angel Cheeks, okay?

    You collect quite a bit yourself. I'd love to see what the Euro coins look like. Have a link?

  7. Boy, I'm just a 'baby' collector compared to you guys. I only collect key chains, candle holders (and of course you have to buy candles for them!) and Cheryl St. John and Cedar Cove books. Although ... I do have some things Cheryl would like. Guess I'll just have to start a box for her. You need some more don't you Cher? Luv ya.

  8. Special 2€ coins. Just click the years to see what kind of coins have been made in each country:

    Unfortunately that page is available only in Finnish or in Swedish.
    But this one is in English. I'm not sure if they have the special coins on this page, but here are the coins you usually see. Just click the country and you see what their Euros look like:

    For some reason UK is there too, even though they still use Pound.
    Mind you, in Finland we don't use 1 and 2 cent coins.

  9. Wow I have been missing a lot you need another house to store all that what does your husband collect or is there any room for him to collect anything? If we ever need anything all we need to do it come to you. LOL
    I collect Mickey Mouse, books, cookbooks, candles never have enough candles.

  10. Just cut/paste CSJ's list to share what I collect--
    Books 1000+ :
    children's, especially Little Golden, history, art, research, Christian, decorating, many to give away
    Romance books 2-3000+
    Signed Books (150+), bookmarks & covers
    bookends (old man/woman reading is my favorite)
    Recipes (just don't cook) lol
    Xmas cards/family mail (never thrown away a single note/letter)
    Movies/VHS and DVDs
    Vintage jewelry
    Not-so vintage jewelry
    Vintage purses/gloves/hankies
    Miniatures (esp animals)
    cookie cutters
    Containers, boxes of any kind
    Advertising Tins
    Old medicine tins
    Vintage spice tins
    Vintage aprons/skarves
    Vintage Hat boxes/hats (wear them)

    a few Beanie Babies (working for Hallmark's customer service call center, we didn't manufacture BB but many stores carried them and we were in solid queque for TWO years on our phone lines with people seeking them! It's a wonder I bought ANY later- LOL)

    Quilts 1 large, 4 wallhangings
    family Pitchers 2
    1 Mitford Teapot from Hallmark
    2-3 Teacups and saucers,
    2 miniature teasets
    Dolls 7-8
    Hallmark Xmas ornaments (1-200)
    Christmas decorations
    Chickens (+ few roosters, geese)
    Woodstock (Snoopy's bird friend, elder son's totum)
    Turtles (2nd son's symbol)
    Old photographs
    Depression glass/1 Gramp's green oval candy dish
    cologne bottles/mainly Avon
    Stamps/Foreign Coins few
    Old board games
    Vintage doilies

  11. What are Shiny Brite ornaments and My Scene? I recognized everything else except Royal Copley, even Josef's.
    Good question, Brenda, about Jay's collections, if any.
    Sue, I forgot magnets, keychains
    & advertising pens/pencils/sacks; and I have boxes/sacks for 2 friends & 2 sisters that I fill with items as I find them, then we can have xmas/bday anytime we get together. Could start one for Cheryl.
    Kathleen, teach me the art of selectivity! And Cheryl has cut back so I can learn from a reformed collector. My middle name is Gleaner! LOL

  12. and movie posters, including Hallmark Hall of Fame, plus lots of framed art, especially Nature's Sketchbook by Marjolein Bastin

  13. HOW FUNNY! I picked up an angel with a quiver, bow & arrow to put it away after cleaning & lo & behold, it is an Angel Cheeks! gift from a church friend. Luckily, I rarely take tags off.

    Add to my list:
    Anything with cherries on them
    (Mary Englebreit is a Great source; purses, blanket, jewelry, greeting cards, boxes, plate)
    or Pilgrims & Thanksgiving; birth name is Pilgrim, married a Cherry.

    Rocking horses
    Inspirational quotes/scripture

    Dad does trains & Native American; Mom did polar bears & elephants

  14. Forgot to add that I also collect folktales and myths. There is especially one tale and it's different variations I'm always looking for. It's about how bear lost his tail. We Finns have one version of it and I know one version from the Cherokee and I think the Inuit have their own version of the story, too.

  15. Shiny Brite are Christmas ornaments. They still make them new and I have some of those, too, but I like the vintage ones.

    My Scene are a type of "Barbie" by Mattel. I really don't like the Bratz that are so popular--they're kind of freaky to me--but I love the My Scenes.

  16. Minna, are these folktale "books" that you collect?

  17. I do have a couple of folktale books, but I have many stories in electronic form and some stories I have copied from books that have handled e.g. Finno-Ugric peoples and cultures and which have included a couple of folktales, too. Right now I hope that I'll be able to get Yupik Lore, Oral Traditions of an Eskimo People by Tennant and Bitar to my hands. Not so that I could buy it, the last time I checked it was way too expensive for me, but because I saw in another book a piece of a story from this book and because I'd like to be able to read the rest of it.

  18. Good luck getting your hands on that dream lore, Minna. I am fascinated by the things people collect and find irresistable. Each person is so different.