Thursday, February 15, 2007

Not At All Mad Scientist

Teacher's conferences Thurs and Fri so no school. The Boy got himself dressed this morning and remembered a stack of my husband's cast off ties. He tied it himself and it looks better than I could have done! He came into my office and said, "I look like a scientist, don't I?" He loves to wear ties and often puts on a tie with a pullover shirt. LOL Kids are a riot, aren't they? My daughter LeighAnn had a favorite long dress that she wore with a Burger King crown all the time and wanted to wear it when we went places. Eventually she graduated to a lime green tunic top and matching pants with yellow smiley faces all over it that my neighbor gave her from her garage sale. I had to fight it from her little body to get it in the washer. Will have to see if I have a picture of that ensemble.

He took this one of us.


  1. Kids are a stitch! Thanks for the laughs & sharing your darlings. Would LOVE to see the smiley face outfit!

  2. Love the pictures! Boy's pic. of you and him is adorable. *g* What's his name so I don't have to refer to him as "boy". lol!
    When I was little I had a red ruched shirt and a pair of blue jeans I ALWAYS wanted to wear. The jeans had all kinds of cool patches on them. One was a peace sign and I was picked on. Get over it already! It's means PEACE. Something we need more of in this world!

  3. Mel, Elijah is more like his grandma than his mom! Outgoing and adventurous. Mom is kinda laid back, grandma ... definitely ... (now what's the word I'm looking for?) spunky. All are great to know.

  4. Elijah is such a cutie-- DS feels the same way about his PJ's--the way your DD felt about her dress, I mean. He will wear them continuously 24/7. Good thing he has more than 1 pair-- LOL
    Thanks for my postcard-- my family thought it was the coolest-- can you tell I was showing it off! DD couldn't believe a real live author sent me a postcard! DH wants to frame it!

  5. I love both of the pictures! Elijah sounds like a lot of fun to be around! :)

    Thank you for the great postcard. I love chatting here with you and everyone!