Friday, February 09, 2007

Mills & Boon facts

Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited is owned by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd,
one of the worlds leading publishers of women's fiction and the
largest publisher of romantic fiction.

• We publish around the world in 25 languages and our books are
sold in more than 94 international markets.

• Impressive coverage of female audience – minimum monthly
readership estimated at 1.4 million

• We enjoy 97% brand awareness in the UK

Romance never goes out of fashion

In 2004 more than 14 million copies of romantic novels were purchased
in the generating a turnover in excess of £70 million. Within this
sector Harlequin Mills & Boon Limited is the undisputed market
leader. This is hardly surprising as Mills & Boon has been publishing
its unique brand of fiction for almost 100 years.

Originally founded in London in 1908, Mills & Boon Limited began as a
general fiction publisher. Although early authors included PG
Wodehouse and Jack London, it was the launch of Georgette Heyer as a
romantic fiction author that paved the way for the company's later

Canadian book publisher Harlequin Books acquired the North American
rights to some of the Mills & Boon titles in the 1960's and the two
companies fully merged in 1971.

Since then, romantic fiction has continued to grow and evolve as the
day's fashions and social mores have changed through each decade.
However it has remained a constant that all Mills & Boon novels are
well written love stories that offer readers the perfect escape.
Readers can identify with the heroine, meet the hero of their dreams
and travel the world all in one afternoon.


  1. On our 1998 trip to England, I brought back 30 romances from a thrift store, most were M & B. Don't remember if they cost me in luggage overweight?? Did learn not to overload for the cruise: 5 lb cost us $25!

  2. I learned a lot about M&B while trying to decide where to submit my historical. They are a solid company any writer would be estatic to sign with.

    Oh, and they publish some pretty good books. :)

  3. I like winning a book from an author and it's a M&B. Interesting facts, Cheryl. "Originally founded in London in 1908"...WOW! Thanks for sharing.
    Now I wanna go back to England...
    I just got an e-mail from your guest blogger. Wheeeee!