Thursday, February 22, 2007

Busy McWriting

Most of our snow melted over the past few days, and today the sun will probably -- hopefully -- finish it off. We're having spring temperatures!

I've been writing up a storm this week, which is a good thing, you must agree.

American Idol is now in full swing with the tryouts over and the viewers voting. Bones is on hold until late in March. FYI you can watch all the past season's episodes on the Fox website. :-( but tonight is part 2 of McGray's Anatomy and we get to see Meredith revived and apparently someone else die.

Teaser: I'm using your pet names in another story.


  1. Cheryl, when you said "Pet names" my first thought was nickname like Lucky Lou then I remembered your request for the names of our pets. Duh! I'm losing it!

  2. Cheryl hope you are ready for all this snow this weekend. Glad your signing was last week. You should be able to get a lot writing done this weekend since all the snow. I am going to try and finish my resume I only have 2 weeks left now.