Monday, January 29, 2007

Karen W and Michael Biehn!

Just as Karen promised, here she is with Michael Biehn!

Here's Karen's clip:
"This is me (Karen W.) with Michael Biehn at the "FX" science fiction convention in Orlando, FL on Jan. 29, 2007. Michael was very gracious, and even though it has been 20 years since "Terminator," you can see he's still a handsome guy. :-) Enjoy!"

Thank you for sharing, sweetie!


  1. that must have been so awesome! Love to hear the story behind the picture!

  2. What an awesome picture, Karen! I'll bet you had a blast.
    Yea, thanks for sharing. Very cool.

  3. Thanks. :-) Katrina, Michael was one of the guests at a big sci-fi convention. Each had their own table, and you could pay $20.00 for an autograph, and there were also "official" photo sessions for each star during the day for $30.00. My friend got me Michael's autograph as an early birthday gift and we talked to him briefly at his table then, and then we did the official photo session with him since I couldn't resist. :-)

  4. Karen, worth the price; you look wonderful, too! Our 19 yr old son loves fantasy & sci-fi; actually all 4 of us watch it & read some. Let us know of any websites, events. THANKS for sharing. Doesn't time seem to fly--20 yrs since "T"?

  5. awesome!!!! Michael is gorgeous!!!