Thursday, January 25, 2007

another contest -- books!

My pal Shari Anton is giving away autographed copies of Midnight Magic and Twilight Magic, as well as The Marriage Bargain by Diane Perkins, and On Blue Falls Pond by Susan Crandall. Deadline to enter is Feb. 15th, so hurry over to Shari's website and enter!


  1. OK, I wasn't going to do this contest 'cause I already have two of the books. But I entered and if I win maybe Cheryl will let me give the two I have away here. I never win these contests either. lol!

  2. These all sound like good books! I would love to win them! lol

  3. Any pal of yours is a pal of mine, Cheryl! I have 2 of Shari's and one in an anthology so be prepared to hear a yell of triumph unless my luck goes to Mel. LOL