Thursday, December 07, 2006

More about the downtown sulptures

Remember the pictures I posted the day I took my mom to see the sculptures downtown? Here's another addition and some info.

The entourage of bronze horses, covered wagons and pioneers on First National Bank's downtown campus now has a captain.

Workers installed an 11-foot-tall bronze wagon master on a horse at the highest point at Pioneer Courage Park. Wearing bronzed buckskin and fringe, the mountain-man-looking figure appears as a symbol of boldness and courage, holding out his hat and motioning to other wagons to catch up.
"He's the leader, the guy with the power," said Utah-based artist Blair Buswell. "I tried to convey that strength in him, so he has a presence."

The newest addition to the sculpture park is what Brenda Dooley, president of First National Bank's buildings division, calls a signature piece because of what it embodies and where it is located.

The wagon master's horse looks eager, with a hoof in the air. The wagon master has a fearless expression, portraying the brave optimism and pioneering spirit that the park was designed to represent.

"What that character signifies is what is significant to the park," Dooley said.
The wagon master was installed at the northeast corner - and highest point - in the park, making it the most visible piece in the park for drivers exiting Interstate 480 at 14th Street.

"This is what will bring people into the park," Buswell said.
About 29 bronze pieces are planned for the Pioneer Courage sculpture, created by artists Buswell and Ed Fraughton, that is on permanent display in the park.

The installation of the wagon master marks the halfway point, Dooley said.

Other major pieces, including other wagons, pioneers and hunters, are to be installed every year until the sculpture is complete in 2009 or 2010.
The sculpture is 11 feet tall, more than 8 feet long and more than 4 feet wide It weighs about 2,000 pounds It will sit at the highest point of the park.


  1. GREAT info. I work PT with a lady with disabilities and always looking for free events that encourage walking so will check it out. Plus 82 yr old Dad hopes to come for Christmas; he & younger son are history buffs so will give us a destination for a family day, weather & health permitting. We are also art appreciators.

  2. What a wonderful peice of info-- I can not wait for more pictures to follow-- I wish I was there to see all the peices going up!

  3. Katrina, I live here and Cheryl has told me more than I knew. Never get downtown,could be part of the reason. So thankful she is telling about it. You know, maybe I'll if hubby want to go 'site seeing' this weekend since it's suppose to be nice. Thanks Cheryl.
    Oh, I won the book from Margaret Moore. Thanks for the info.

  4. Whoo hoo, Sue! Congrats on winning Margaret's book!

  5. Thanks for the congrats!
    Started reading last night and couldn't put it down!!! Would recommend it to anyone. Read 96 pages when hubby said turn off the light.

  6. The title is "The Brides of Christmas" with Jo Beverley, Margaret Moore and Deborah Simmons. It's sooooo different from your books, Cheryl, since all the stories are medevrl times. The language took some getting use to, but after I got that, I LOVE THESE STORIES!!! The book or stories are a re-release as they were all written in 1999.