Sunday, December 31, 2006

Bring it on!

We may have snow and extreme wind in Nebraska, but Huskers are staying warm dreaming of winning the Cotton Bowl tomorrow. Yes, Nebraska used to rank more highly esteemed bowl games, but we're making our way back. Unfortunately for fans, this is Zac Taylor's last year to play - our senior quarterback was a local hero this year. We've been invited to watch at freinds' tomorrow.

We have invitations for tonight, as well, but we're thinking the fire in our family room looks pretty appealing this evening. Last night we had three darlings while mommies and daddies went out, tonight we'll have only one. He'll go to bed early because he was up late last night, and the evening will be ours. Alone together. We'll toast in the new year with spinach dip and sparkling cider. Hey, we're big partiers, ya know.

I'm enjoying hearing from everyone!
Happy New Year!


  1. Sounds like you are going to have a nice romatic evening after the little ones gets to bed. W
    e are staying home too with the older kids so I am happy about them staying home and having a drink with us.

    I can't wait to see the game tomorrow my cousin lives in Alabama so it is going to be exciting. She got married inbetween the auburn football game. So I am sure she is there or will be glued to the TV, I haven't got to her yet.

    Happy New Year!!!!!!!!

  2. We ate nachos and watched the Dallas vs. Detroit game. My team lost. Then we watched an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS marathon on BBC 'til midnight. My cat is so sweet. He was on the ottoman and when it turned 12 o'clock he crossed the table and came to me on the couch where he gave me New Year kisses. I'm watching the Rose Parade now but I wanted to stop in and say...HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYBODY!!

  3. Happy New Year! I am watching football now.

  4. Well I guess she is going to tease me now since they beat us. Only by 3 points. But I know she will rub it in bad.

  5. Robert watched HIS/YOUR TEAM lose
    :( and I'm starting #7/final "Slightly Dangerous". Dad left for Iowa after David returned just in time to get his Xmas check & Bday book from Gpa (History Buff's Guide to WW II) "Awesome!" & Brian got back in time to wave good-bye. The sun is shining brightly, David is shoveling the snow he wanted (YES, Cheryl, we'll blame HIM!) and will bring in more wood for tonight. Time for cocoa & candy canes! Fixing 2 kinds of Chex Mix & making deviled eggs & rice crispie squares to spoil the college boy. Sat Dad & I went to the Jungle & Aquarium at the Zoo & Fri David, he & I went to the Durham Western Heritage Museum housed in the old Art Deco-style Union Train Station for the "Home Front & Front Line" Veterans exhibit from the Smithsonian (til Jan 7: check it out. GREAT!!)

  6. Must add my HAPPY, healthy, prosperous, peaceful New Year!! Sounds like several of us need it :) .

  7. We stayed home and watched the new year arrive with Dick Clark.

    What a wonderful kitty you have, Mel! :)

    Happy New Year everyone!

  8. Happy New Year everyone!

    I knew it was midnight when fireworks started going off outside my house...despite the fact that I live in the county of a major city!

  9. Brenda, I feel your pain. Our guys fell apart after half time.

  10. I love the Western Heritage Museum, Lou. I keep a membership and take my grandkids often.

  11. Thank you, Carol. He is the best!

    Lou, I'm coming over to your house. *g*

  12. We watched movies and our son had a friend over. It was nice and peaceful.

  13. My family's fave team (UGA) actually had an amazing second half in the Chick-fil-A bowl...not so good in the first half.

  14. Mel, you are welcome ANYTIME!
    What part of FL you are moving to? Son David is in Tallahassee; says the humidity is like breathing water; hard when you are exercising- he lost 18 lbs instead of gaining the "freshman 15."

    Kathleen, I've heard of places that even fire guns.

    Cheryl, maybe we can go to the Museum or met at Jazz on the Green. I keep missing Shakespeare on the Green and I LOVE plays!
    (NO fan of football; rarely went to see my son play; what a negligent Mom!)