Monday, November 20, 2006

keep at it!

You guys rock! Smoooch!


  1. Jahn McAlister or Jahn Montgomery (pronounced Jon)

  2. Ladies, we also have to see how Marvel Anne looks with the last name because you KNOW they end up married? (and initials like MAM, with Peg's suggestion.)
    Cheryl, did you know that was a girl's name in the Hayley Mills movie "The Trouble with Angels?" Miss Movie Trivia surprises herself!

  3. Lou, Marvel Anne was in The Trouble With Angels??

  4. How about Caleb Jennings? See Cheryl, I'm trying your blog. Never done this before!

  5. How about Dale Rissman? And Marvel Anne was one of my favorites in that movie!

  6. The Trouble with Angels was the first thing I thought of, too, when I saw Marvel Anne.

    My mom had a friend, now deceased, named Blake Hawkins. I always thought that would be a cool name to use, but it doesn't really fit medievals. A Western, on the other hand.... :-)

  7. Jack Coleman

    And have you a last name for Marvel Anne?
    BTW, I googled Marvel Anne & she came up on first page; movie review said Marvel Ann was the "incredibly annoying cousin to Mary Clancy" (Hayley Mills' character) in 1966 & in 1968 her character was much more mellow in "Where Angels Go, Trouble Follows" with Susan St James & NO Hayley (one of my FAVS!! No surprise that I've seen every movie she made; even caught her in the precursor to Saved by the Bell, aired as Good Morning, Miss Bliss as teacher or principal)

  8. Maybe...
    Jon Marshall

    Rick McBrothers
    Jon Cleary