Thursday, October 19, 2006

who I'd like to meet

Create Your Own!


  1. That's funny. I had just started to listen Hey Jude (Finnish version, not the original one) when I saw that picture of Paul McCartney. Definitely one of those people I'd like to meet.

  2. Notice they are almost all entertainers, actors (even used their character's names, not their stage name) singers or professions (2 Dr, 3 cowboys, YOUR favorite pirate twice!!) Anne of GG, Cher or Bette M are my choices, but several dreamy guys are choice hunks/eye candy!! LOL. Who is Benjamin Chaney? Is'nt he the one we chose for your next hero?

  3. You've got it, Lou! Ben is the hero I'm writing right now.

    Wonder what my choices say about my psyche? LOL