Sunday, October 29, 2006

me'n mom

I went searching for pics after the last blog entry comments and haven't found the one I wanted, but found these.

These are the very first photos I have of me with my mother. Why she dressed up like the old days, I'll never know. And of course black & white film was used merely for the artful touch it creates. :::snort:::

Who has the chubbiest face, me or the bear? LOL

I love old photos as much as I love new photos. Recently I studied the photographers who took the first pictures of the American westward expansion, and their stories are fascinating. They had to use pack mules for all the equipment they hauled up mountains and across rivers! I'm planning a photographer character in a historcal one of these days.


  1. LOL! Why did you snort? I love black and white. How wonderful that you have these photographs. When I visit my Mom I like to look at all the photo albums she has. I can't believe I was ever that tiny.
    I, too, have read about and seen the pictures of the westward expansion. Awesome.
    I love to find old photgraphes when I'm poking around antique stores. Makes me wonder who they were and what they did and it's fun to create stories for them.
    Btw, the bear. *g*

  2. Love to look at the old photos. My sister and I looked so much alike as babies the only way you can tell the difference is that my pictures are all black and white and hers are color

  3. Love to look at the old photos. My sister and I looked so much alike as babies the only way you can tell the difference is that my pictures are all black and white and hers are color

  4. We have lots of old pictures in black and white. I got a lot of them from my grandparents and my mom and I made an album of both sides of my family. I even have one of my great, great grandmother. They never smile in those old pictures either! lol

    The Doctor's Wife!

  5. Hey, Cheryl, most of my baby pics are black and white! Don't remember color until I was about five. LOL!
    You were SOOOOOOOOOO cute! LOL Love your outfit. Think I had one too. Maybe we're sisters separated at birth and are just finding each other?!? (Only kidding! LOL)

    (Land of Dreams)


  6. I only have a couple pictures from my baby days and so I treasure them all. It is neat seeing how the cars and cloths that people had back then where.

    I would like to have the book from the other author I have all your books and they are great. I even have some in doubles.

  7. Awww...thanks for sharing!


  8. Enjoy your comments, Mel.
    Brenda, speaking of doubles, just found my CSJ Land of Dreams pink cover Babies & Bachelors (Nebraska) and Badlands Bride (N Dakota) #34 in 'Dangerous to Love' series Dark blue & green cover with 2 wavy slashes of gold. Have all 50 states of 2nd set. Cheryl's hero is Cooper DeWitt; Cooper is my Nana's birth name & I grew up 25 miles from DeWitt, IA.
    Ladies, I love all types of photos too, color, B/W, old, modern. I identify with the clothes worn, not vehicles.
    Sue, I remember the first color movies at the theater when I was 10 and now it's the exception to see one in B/W like Mel Brooks' classic Young Frankenstein!
    Happy Halloween before it's too late!!
    (Every Waking Moment)

  9. Cheryl, 2nd pic resembles one of me & my Mom on a couch; in the 3rd, you look like my younger sister Linda, SAME outfit!
    We both take OODLES of photos; I even buy us figurines with cameras as accessories rather than purses. I'll share my sister, she's a GEM.

    Waiting with bated breathe for the photographer story!! I'll even buy her a copy instead of loaning mine.

    Carol, have copies of my Swiss paternal great-great-gpa & gma on the wall; looking for oval frames for maternal gr-gr-gpa & name-sake gr-gr-gma copies; look a bit grim/stiff. Found an unidentified man's pic behind gpa's original portrait; all 3 men bearded.
    (Every Waking Moment)

  10. I've always wanted a sister!

    You can have mine...LOL...just kidding...I love my sis even if we didn't always get along...can't imagine life without my bro and sis.

    Land of Dreams

  11. A year ago I found my half-brother and we've been in contact since. So ... Cheryl, I'll take you up on being sisters. Only we'd have to be twins. LOL
    Hey, Lou, my cousin has ggp pics. Think they all looked like they were being shot by a gun not camera.

    (Land of Dreams)

  12. Those photos are priceless!