Friday, October 13, 2006


I am so hooked, and the rollercoaster ride isn't slowing down a bit! I have watched every episode since this premiered and the writers and actors don't let us down. This show makes me laugh. This week was great. Meredith has finally developed a backbone--and just in time for her appendix to be affected! It's laughable these two guys fawning over her and bristling at each other--but wait! Finally McDreamy admits he's not the best man for her. We knew it all along, but we also knew he was THE ONE.

I could have done without the whole Izzy and Denny thing last season--thank God he died. Suppose they shaved him for his funeral? The only thing worse was his dad showing up now. Snap out of it, Izzy! You're a surgeon. What do you think she'll do with EIGHT MILLION DOLLARS? Should be interesting.

And George--I love you George. Maybe you can't have Meredith, but don't blow it with every woman! Well, the ortho surgeon wasn't good enough for you anyway if she jumps from your bed right into McSteamy's.

How interesting that McSteamy, McDreamy, Mrs. McDreamy and Meredith all came to a sort of understanding this week. If you've missed this, go rent season one -- two should be available. You can watch weekly on if you miss episodes.


  1. Thursday is my favorite day of the week. I am glued to the TV for a full hour watching this show. I love it. I feel sorry for Finn, though. He's a good guy and he's a hottie too!

  2. Kristin loves Finn, too. But we knew he wasn't the one, didn't we?

  3. Oh yeah, he's too nice for her. He needs a nice, settle down type of girl. Meredith is a wild girl. So not good for Finn. She was right to let him go. Still, very sad.

    I'm also glad that George dumped his girl or his girl walked, whichever. I didn't like her. Kallie? Yeah, I think that's her name.

  4. I love Mcdreamy and I think he and Meredith are the ones for each other. I wanted to slap him when he told her he was not the one for now. I wonder how it is going to go now. Finn is to good for her she would not be happy.

    I am glad the Izzy thing is over with Denny I hope she gets back to work