Tuesday, September 05, 2006

trash to treasure

This lovely teacart is another of my favorite things. My husband salvaged it from a trash pile, sanded off rust, refinished and bought frosted glass for the top. It's currently serving as a table between two chairs in front of my living room windows.

Had a great holiday weekend. Friends asked us out to their place yesterday, where we grilled and played horsehoes. It had been planned as the last swim day before they close their pool, but Nebraska weather didn't allow. We did enjoy the delightful change of mild weather. I didn't have my camera, but my friend did, so I'll ask him to send me a couple shots. I was in camera envy, actually.


  1. It's amazing what people throw away.

  2. We have been know to salvage things too. I love to go to flea markets and garage sales. What one person doesn't want is just perfect for someone else.

  3. Cheryl introduced me to freecycle.com which irritates my husband, but we have been so blessed by the things we've received and been able to bless others in turn that I'm very grateful she shared the website. Minna, you wouldn't believe the white wrought iron glass top tables (2) & chair my neighbors put out with the trash 12 yrs ago! They grace our bedroom on either side of the king bed & hubby uses the chair for hanging his clothes on. All my cookbooks are on a 2 shelf bookcase another neighbor dumped 16 yrs ago. My nickname could be Gleaner(nicer than scavenger.) My T-shirt says Garage Sale Goddess & I bought it at My Neighbor's Closet Thrift Store. Figure I'm a child of Depression-frugal parents! Cher, I don't redo things though, just not handy that way. Guess it's a good thing I like the country cottage, rustic, weathered look!

  4. Absolutely beautiful, Cheryl!
    Glad you had a nice Labor Day weekend. I read. As usual. LOL!
    OH, did get new contact lenses, though.

  5. Once when I was in a train in Helsinki there was a woman sitting next to me reading a Harlequin book. After she had finished it she put it in a garbage can and after a moment she left. Guess what I did then!:)