Wednesday, September 20, 2006

on the road again

I'm heading off on my road trip with five other crazy women early in the AM, but promise to post as soon as I get home -- late Sunday.

Have a great weekend, Blog Buddies!
I'll bring you a postcard LOL


  1. Have a great time, Cheryl! Lookin' forward to all the dirt when ya get back.
    Ack! Speakin' of postcards...

  2. Hey, looky there...I'm back!

  3. Cheryl, miss you already so read your first 2 months of blogs-- July/Aug 05 to get my CSJ fix. Like reading the diary of a favorite relative!
    Mel, I could say ditto to almost everything you say; often think, "Wish I'd said that." Are you sure we 3 aren't triplets separated at birth? And the rest are fond family.

  4. LOL! LL. I'm starting to question that myself. Let's discuss genealogy when Cheryl gets back.

  5. Can not wait to read about your trip! Stay safe!