Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I volunteered to die-tie T-shirts for first graders. Apparently while I was gone, my daughter and husband were having a conversation, and my husband mentioned, "What does mom know about dying shirts?" Of course he doesn't share the same mentality as I, that all knowledge and skills are at my fingertips via The Internet! LOL Anyway, ever my champion, Elijah comes back in my defense with, "She's good at dying hair." So there you have it.

So we tie-dyed 25 T-shirts last night. Of course thay have to be prepared and soaked and all that, and we were only allowed one color -- orange. Each grade is a different color. It would be fun to experiment with more colors. The shirts are in plastic bags right now while the color sets. I'll set them in front of a window in the sun today. This evening we rinse and wash. I'm already planning a trip to school on spirit day to get a pic of the class.

Live and learn. Next time this will be an outdoor project. Next time I will not end up with orange feet. (I think 2nd grade is green anyway.) LOL


  1. LOL Kids are so cute. Dying is dying no matter what it is! Glad you had fun with your grandson!

  2. I remember my sister (a throwback from the sixties)tie-dying tees when I was little. I have a couple in my closet now that I found at Goodwill. Let's see a pic. of the shirt, Cheryl!

  3. Pic coming soon, Mel!

    I love the Goodwill. The one closet to me is behind a Mercedes Benz dealer heh heh Give you any idea of what the good stuff in there is like?? There are Expeditions and Cadillacs and Lincolns lined up to drop off stuff on the weekends.

  4. How much fun! Remy, my oldest is in 1st grade also and don't you think they give them like loads of homework? That looks like it was fun cleaning up though!


  5. Oh, it was SO much fun cleaning up, Barb. Thus the orange feet. argh!

    Elijah has three sheets of homework over the weekend, counting and time skills, and a book to read at home mid-week, plus his library books.

    Does Remy have more than that?

  6. I had some fun with tie-dye a few years ago. Right after I had my first baby, I was young at 24, and I wanted something "cool" and "hip" for my baby.

    And for whatever reason, they don't make tie-dyed onesies.

    So I bought a package of plain white onesies and tie-dyed them. Every time she wore them in public, I got such raving compliments. Of course, I couldn't do any cool designs or anything, it was just your random color, but it was still awesome.

    I had thought about making a whole bunch of them and selling them on eBay since I had gotten so many comments, but that involved time, effort, and money. :P

    But it was still darn cool.

    Looks like you had fun, Cheryl!


  7. How fun!

    My nephew is also in first grade. He has a different homework assignment each day (math, spelling, etc.), spelling tests each week (5-10 words), and has to read or be read to for 15-20 minutes each night. My sis-in-law thinks it is a lot for a first grader. I don't remember doing so much when I was in first grade.

  8. WOW that looks like fun! I also would love to see a picture of the finished product and the orange feet ;) LOL

  9. It looks like you guys had a great time, and he knew who to ask for help to get them done. Who else would like to have orange feet? LOL I hope it was not one of those Dyes that takes time to wear off.

  10. LOL, tye-dying...when I was in high school we had a little "business" tie-dying t shirts and boxer shorts. My kids love doing it now, too!

    What a cute entry!

    *waves a meljprincess*

    Mel sent me over to check out your blog, Cheryl. Thanks for the chuckle and the pretty pictures!


  11. :::waving at Megan::: Hey woman! Thanks for visiting. Isn't Cheryl's blog the coolest?
    I'd love to have some tie-dye boxer shorts. :-)

  12. Now I KNOW we are triplets, Mel; I have a TD t-shirt signed by the Loving Spoonsful and think pillow cases are next AFTER boxers; have too many shirts.
    Cheryl, my entire body except for swimsuit area was YELLOW/brown from being squirted with paint in syringes (70's college charity fundraiser); have the picture to show I looked like an Indian, not a Pilgrim. Took my roommate 3 days to get it out of her blond hair.
    When we TD at son's church camp, I used turpentine to get the paint off; VERY unfortunate that I didn't think to take off my onyx, turquoise, silver ring; turned the onyx GRAY. GROAN!
    Cheryl, hubby's office is right next to that Goodwill and can you believe I've only been there twice in 18 months?! Will add it to my list of MUST visit. Don't have a Garage Sale Goddess t-shirt for nothing! There's a new place down here you MUST see; have a list of things I think you'd be interested in.