Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Fall Splendor

See the bee at lower right?

Isn't fall breathtaking? On our trip home from Olahoma, we were in awe of the vibrant colors blanketing the hills. The trees are in their autumn glory, and red sumac lines the highways. My fall flowers are bursting into bloom just now, berries on bushes and bright spiky mums in a variety of colors. This will have to be my weekend to make the scarecrows I've been planning. I already have buckets and baskets of pumpkins. I may have to take my camera for a ride, too.....


  1. I love nature pictures. In fact, I look for them specifically when making my banners for myself and other authors. This picture would be perfect for a banner ad, with the beautiful purple flowers in the background. :)

    You are an excellent photographer.


  2. wow-- great shot-- I am sure you mentioned before BUT what kind of camera are you using? Those colors are so vivid! Wonderful picture! We are excited about fall as well... we are just counting the days till we can go apple picking!

  3. Apple picking! Nearby us is Nebraska City, home of Arbor Lodge (Arbor Day) and the family home for tours and orchards (A Husband By Any Other Name), and they hold Applejack Festival each fall. The cider is to die for.

    The camera I'm using is a Sony FD Mavica.

  4. What a beautiful picture! I love the color!

  5. Wow, I'm so into the color purple right now. Those flowers are so vibrant and beautiful!
    The leaves are changing here as well. I love it! I love fall!