Monday, August 07, 2006

Chocolate Carrot Cake

We had a special event at church last night, and this cake was a hit! I only got a taste, so I'm making it again this week. *lizzie Starr gave me the cookbook for my birthday and so far every cake I've tried has been awesome. But then they're all chocolate, so where could I go wrong?

Chocolate Carrot Cake
with pineapple cream cheese frosting
from Chocolate from the Cake Mix Doctor by Anne Byrn

Serves 20

2/3 cup pineapple juice
5 - 6 shredded carrots (3 cups)
1 package German chocolate cake mix with pudding
½ cup oil
3 large eggs
2 tsp ground cinnamon
½ cup raisins
½ cup chopped walnuts

Please rack in center of oven and preheat to 350. Spray a 9 x 13 inch pan.
Blend cake mix, oil, eggs, cinnamon and pineapple juice in large mixing bowl with electric mixer on low for one minute. Scrape sides, beat at medium speed for two minutes. Fold in carrots, raisins and walnuts. Pour batter into pan, smooth.

Bake 40-45 minutes until top springs back. Cool 20 minutes on rack.

1/3 to 1 cup drained crushed pineapple
8 oz cream cheese, room temperature
1 stick butter, room temperature
4 cups powdered sugar, sifted

Blend butter and cream cheese. Sift in one cup of powdered sugar at a time, blending on low until well mixed. Add pineapple, increase mixer speed to medium and beat until light and fluffy. (another minute)

Frost top of sheet cake.
I sprinkled chopped walnuts and grated orange peel on top to make the cake pretty.

Store tightly covered in refrigerator for up to one week. (It will never last that long!)

Next time I’m going to try adding pineapple to the cake mix as well. There is a lot of pineapple left over from this recipe, but just enough juice from a 15 oz can.


  1. I may have to try that. I'd have to leave out the raisins (I hate baked/cooked raisins) and the walnuts (my husband doesn't liked baked nuts).

  2. That sounds really good! But I doubt I could find German chocolate cake mix in the local shop here in the country side! By the way, I'm still looking for a good recipe for a banana bread. I ate it for the first time when I was in the States and I still haven't found a good recipe for it.

  3. Minna! Look no farther! I will post my grandma's famous banana bread recipe for you.

    I think you could probably use a regular chocolate cake mix for the recipe, it would just have a stonger chocolate flavor. I did think of trying it that way. LOL

  4. My daughter loves carrot cake and chocolate so I am going to have her look at the recipe to see if she likes it.

  5. Wow, some serious yummys on the blog this morning. Thank you, Cheryl. I shall print out these recipes. :-)

  6. I agree, Mel!

    I love anything chocolate and the carrots and raisins make it healthy so I won't have to feel guilty eating it! Thanks Cheryl!

  7. Carol, that's a funny spin to put on it. Actually, doesn't chocolate have antioxidants or something? So that whole thing would be healthy!

  8. That's MY story, and I'm stickin' to it.

  9. That's true, Nickol! Now I can have an extra slice! lol